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The 39 Steps (1935)

When watching a film from 1935 you cannot apply what you know about movies to it. On the one hand, surely most of what you have seen was produced in the last 20 or 30 years. On the other hand, a movie like The 39 Steps has shaped all that has come after it.
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The Axiom of Choice

Because posting entries about my life would be terribly boring for everyone, I'll post instead what gave me yesterday a much-needed boost (particularly since the night before I got The Judgemen as my 'daily card'): I'm not totally stupid, you see and I feel incredibly proud of myself after reading about the Axiom of Choice and understanding a (dumbed down) explanation. I do love crazy mathematics: they break my brain but it's worthy.

I'm totes ready to take over the world.

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Source: The Times

April 14, 2010
The single mother's manifesto
David Cameron says the ‘nasty party’ that castigated people like me has changed. I’m not buying it
J.K. Rowling

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Camilla Läckberg is a Swedish writer of crime books. I read the first one and loved it: "She's a writer, he's a policeman. Together, they fight crime!"

Except in the second book she gets pregnant and does nothing but complain about her pregnancy and her annoying guests and her sister. And in the third book she gets post-partum depression so she complains about the baby and her mother-in-law (her sister does not return her calls so she doesn't complain about her much). And in the fourth book they get married so she complains about her weight, the weeding preparations and her sister's depression. She also complains that Patrick is never at home when she needs him in those three books.

Then it turns out he cannot tell her about the cases he's investigating so she doesn't get to solve anything.

So now, instead of reading a sort of Swedish Castle I'm reading a book about this policeman, who is married, and his colleagues at the police station while they solve crimes (or sabotage the investigation, it depends on the colleague in question).

I like the books but I'm very disappointed because the first book points in a completely different direction and now Erica helps nothing with the investigations, not even when her own baby is attacked.

The clifhanger leading to the fifth book seems to fix that a bit, but I'd bet that while Erica investigates her mother, Patrick will lead his team in an unrelated "murder of the week".

It's a pity because I really like the books: the characters are always described psychologically, they all get their own pages with their POV, the pacing is good, everything is explained at the end and I do like to read about this small sea-side town overrun with tourism in summer. I will keep reading, but I wish there was more Erica in the books, like in the first one.

The IRA and the Afghan war

I just found this article on Harper's website and I'm only copying here because after a while they're only available for suscribers and I'd like to keep it.

It's not the best article ever and there are some issues I don't like very much (too few mentions to the Afghans and too few mentions (none, I think) to the paramilitars in NI). But I did like the "a complete foreigner in Belfast in 1983".

Of course, all of this remind me that I never fnished reading all those articles on the Bloody Sunday because, frankly, they depressed me.

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As for some "me, me, me!" news: I'm watching Inception today. I can't wait!

Lj trick: hiding usernames

From here:

< lj user="porkins" title="the best sfd member" >

me voy a pescar a rs


House of Leaves: Notes while reading

Tabs I can't keep open all week

Craig Murray: activista contra las torturas. Antiguo embajador de UK en Uzbekistan de donde le echaron por denunciar las torturas que llevaba a acabo el gobierno.

Capslock review de Splice: rape your mutant daughter day! D:

Vincent and the Doctor: caps con los cuadros que salieron en el capitulo. <3
60 caps del capítulo

Dreams dreams dreams

So tonight I dreamed I was playing a Lego game. As in, inside the game. It took a while to get that blue stud, I had to grab a column in a way you can't do in Lego: Star Wars. It was a desert setting and I think it was some kind of Lego: Prince of Persia or something.

Surely this doesn't mean I should play less, right? Right.

Kissinger, my BFF

I was reading this post about 10 horrible experiments made on humans recently and reading more about the Micronesia nuclear bombing I found this other page with more information about it and a beautiful quote by my BFF Henry Kissinger:

Henry Kissinger famously expressed his opinion of Micronesia and its people in the 1970s. “There are only 90,000 people out there. Who gives a damn?

Yeah, indeed.